June 2016

Summer Students

27th June, Today our Summer Students started and we’ve been putting them to work already. Welcome Lisa and Brittany.


24th June, We would like to extend a huge Thank You, to the Chatham Kent Community Foundation and South Kent Community Foundation for generously granting us funds in order to begin our Video and Oral History Project. This will be continued for as long as we are here and people are willing to share their stories with us. Again, Thank You – without generous donations to our Non-Profit Society and Museum, we would not exist. 

Walking Tour 2016.jpg

22nd June, Finally got around to counting up statistics and I think last month we had a fabulous month with nearly 800 visitors! Stop on in and see if we can beat those numbers this summer. 

8th June, For those who were in attendance at the 2016 John Brown Festival and were interested in seeing the curriculum documents Shantelle Browning-Morgan presented, here is a link to them online. African Canadian Roads to Freedom