Shelves A and B

Shelf A
Anderson Ruffin Abbott (1837-1913)
Sally Ainse
Joseph Brant and Tecumseh
John Brown – Vol. I
John Brown – Vol. II
Martin Delany (1812-1885)
Hattie Rhue Hatchett
William Peyton Hubbard
Artis Lane
Rosa Parks
Alexander Milton Ross
Windsor and Chatham Area
Online Research (Sally Ainse, Joseph Brant, John Brown, Martin Delany, W.E.B. DuBois, Marcus Garvey, and Tecumseh)
Edward Wright
Alexander Milton Ross Plaque Dedication – June 20, 2009

Shelf B
Early Ontario, and African Baptists of Nova Scotia
Western Ontario and The Frontiers
Chatham Businesses and Professionals
Early Prime Ministers
Wilberforce – Lucan; Anderdon Township – Amherstburg
The Negro in the Western Hemisphere
The Slave In Canada
Slavery to Freedom
Slave Testimonies, U.G.R.R. Field Studies and Charette

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