Shelves C and D

Shelf C
Underground Railroad – Vol. I
Underground Railroad – Vol. II
Directors of the Underground Railroad
American History
Military – Vol. I: Civil War Veterans
Military – Vol. II
Military – Vol. III: WWI and WWII
A Voice from Harper’s Ferry, by Osborne Perry Anderson
Archival Collection Index
The Underside of Glory: Africanadian (sic) Enlistment in the Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1914-1917, by Sean Flynn Foyn
Canadian Abolitionists and Historical Figures
The Early Educational System in Ontario
Military: Civil War Veterans from Southwestern Ontario, WWI Veterans, and WWII Veterans
The History of the Negro Community in Chatham, Ontario: Religious and Political Missions
Archival Photos

Shelf D
The History of the Negro Community
The Black Chronicle
Historical Perspectives on the Black Canadian Experience
History of Schools
Alvin McCurdy Collection: Education
History of Churches
History of the AME Church
History of the BME Church

2 thoughts on “Shelves C and D

  1. Do your have any information on James Monroe Jones (gunsmith)? We have a rifle made by him on display at Fort Henry National Historic Site and would like to add more details about his history.

    David Lawrence
    Volunteer, FHNHS


  2. His Grandfather was Charles Jones and came on a slave ship into North Carolina. His father was Allen was born into slavery. He managed to pay for his family freedom and they moved to Ohio. Lots of info on internet. He became a gunsmith and moved to Canada and built guns out of Chatham, Ontario. in 1849. He won the Grand Provincial Exhibition for his guns in Montreal in 1860.


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