Shelves E and F

Shelf E
History of the Baptist Church
The Africanadian Church: A Stabilizer, by Dorothy Shadd Shreve and Alvin McCurdy
Black Reading List and Black Studies
Early Opportunities and Civil Rights
St. John’s Lodge: Prince Hall Masons
Masonic – Vol. I
Masonic – Vol. II
Masonic – Vol. III
Crime and Court Cases
Prince Hall: The Centennial Plaque Unveiling – Chatham, Ontario (Saturday, May 23rd, 1991)
Report of the One Hundred and Eighth Annual Session of Freemasonry (Prince Hall Affiliation)
Prince Hall Grand Lodge 150th Anniversary
Bicentennial Tribute to the Prince Hall Masons: 1775-1975

Shelf F
Chatham Newspaper Clippings: 1924-1927 – Obituaries, Deaths, and Marriages
Crimes and Court Cases
The Pathfinder
A Free Man and Yet a Slave
You Asked Us, by Anne Collins (1997)
Introduction to History: London Papers, Kent Historical Paper Dates, School Reports, Churches, Walter Hawkins
Historical Notes, by Bill Richardson
Kingston Penitentiary Records: 1855-1890
Kingston Penitentiary Records: 1843-1890
Forts and Castles of Ghana
News Article from the Chicago Tribune, by Bethune Binga, 1935-1938
Oberlin, Ohio
Black State Conventions
The Negro in Oklahoma
Carolyn Beacroft; Harriet Smith

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