Shelves I and J

Shelf I
Family Trees – Additional Copies
Family Tree Corrections
Family Tree: Brooks
The Robbins Family Tree
Shadd Family Tree – Vol. I
Shadd Family Tree – Vol. II
Tyson-Robbins Actual and Ancestral U.S. Migration
Wilcox & Willcocks Family Tree
Booklet series:
– The Boswell Family
– Joseph Boswell Family Tree
– The Brooks Family
– Our Family Circle: Campbell Reunion, 2001
– The Carter Family
– The Chandler Family
– The Chase Family
– 4th Annual Ferguson Family Reunion, 2002
– The Grineage Family of Canada and their Southwestern Penn. Connection
– The Milben/Millben/Milburn Family – Vol. I
– The Ladd Family
– The Milben/Millben/Millburn Family – Vol. II
– The Porter Family
– The Robbins Family
– Robbins: Buxton, Ontario, Canada
– The Roper Family
– The Shreve Family
– The Travis Family
– The Zebbs Family
Accession Records
1840-1850 Census Records for Counties*
Anderdon Census

*Addington, Dundas, Elgin, Rochester, Sandwich, Frontenac, Glendary, Greenville, Grey, Haldimond, Halton, Hastings, Kent, Lanark, Leeds, Lincoln, Middlesex, Northumberland, Oxford, Peel, Peterborough, Prescott, Simcoe, Waterloo, Welland, Wellington, Wentworth, York, Toronto.

Shelf J
Camden Census
Census: Chatham Twp., Raleigh Twp., Huron County, Biddulph Twp.
Chatham Township Census: 1871, and Wills
Noonan Twp. Census: 1861/Chatham Twp. Census: 1881
Essex County Census
Hiram Walker Census
Census: Huron Twp., Tilbury (East/West), Sandwich, Dover and Harwich, Malden, Colchester
Kent County Census 1861-1867
Census: Maidstone, Middlesex County, Brant County, Rochester
American History: Rochester Census, Mercer County (Penn.) Census, Miscellaneous Census
Cemeteries – Vol. I
Cemeteries – Vol. II

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