Unidentified Photos

We have quite a few unidentified photos in our Archives. We need your help in identifying them. Each will be numbered – so if you know someone in them, maybe the family it originates from, etc. please let us know. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and please do share. Corresponding numbers will be above each photograph.

Additions to this page will be made overtime as more photos are scanned.

Thank you again!

ONE (UI-001)

TWO (UI-002)13880264_1053679268048806_7242117012311707190_n

THREE (UI-003) 13882618_1053679204715479_711534732810946984_n

FOUR (UI-004)13887049_1053679604715439_6955603179273010426_n

FIVE (UI-005)13925380_1053679684715431_8600694460497672795_n

SIX (UI-006)13934956_1053683321381734_5255116908133234460_n

SEVEN (UI-007) 20799516_1420442284705834_3751852446247541895_n

EIGHT (UI-008)


NINE (UI-009) UI-009

TEN (UI-010) UI-010

ELEVEN (UI-011) UI-011

TWELVE (UI-012) UI-012

THIRTEEN (UI-013) UI-013

FOURTEEN (UI-014) UI-014

FIFTEEN (UI-015) UI-015

SIXTEEN (UI-016) UI-016