About Us

Infusing Our Community with the Spirit of Our Ancestors

Formally and officially incorporated in 1994 the Chatham-Kent Black Historical Society and Black Mecca Museum has gathered, preserved and celebrated Chatham-Kent’s rich Black history. With its collection of displays, artifacts and archives the Museum, with humble roots has remained dedicated to unveiling the remarkable stories of Chatham-Kent’s Black community from its beginnings in 1780’s, to present day.

In 1996 the WISH Centre was opened in the East Side of Chatham and the Chatham-Kent Black Historical Society & Black Mecca Museum found its home. Formally known as the Heritage Room, the museum was renamed The Black Mecca Museum.

For more information about tours of the museum visit our homepage or the drop down menus above.

Founding Members: Lucille Cooper, Grace Fowler, Alice Newby, Blanche Pryor, Ellen Robbins, Gwendolyn Robinson and Connie Travis

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