About Us

A History
In 1994, through efforts to preserve and celebrate Chatham-Kent’s rich Black history, a group of determined individuals set out to form the Chatham-Kent Black Historical Society. After the archives became too expansive to be held privately, a home was found for the collection in Chatham’s W.I.S.H. Centre, a local community centre. The collection of artifacts and archives is still housed there today, as well as numerous displays celebrating the history.
While it had humble roots, the CKBHS remains dedicated to unveiling the remarkable story of Chatham-Kent’s Black History.

About the Museum
The Chatham-Kent Black Historical Society and our museum, is open to the public, year round. For most up to date hours please refer to your Facebook page.
One thing we strive for here at the museum is education. We hope that if you do visit the site, that you are able to come away from the experience having learned something new. For more information on tours, and what they involve, please click here. You will be redirected to our Tours page.
Additionally, access to our research materials is absolutely free. (There is a fee for photocopying however) Whether you’re a Masters student working on your thesis, a high school student looking to finish up a project, or a visitor trying to find information on an ancestor, you can conduct research at the museum free of charge. For more information on the research materials we have available, please click here. You will be redirected to our Archives page. 

Founding Members
Lucille Cooper
Grace Fowler
Alice Newby
Blanche Pryor
Ellen Robbins
Gwendolyn Robinson
Connie Travis




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