Admission to The Museum is by donation; unless you wish to receive a Full Tour of the Site and the Surrounding Community there is a fee of $6. Self-guided tours are not available on weekends. 

 What does the Full Tour Involve? 

1. A viewing of “Celebrate the Legacy” (approx. 21 mins): a video produced by the site which goes into great detail about Chatham’s Black history.
2. A tour guide will be on hand to answer any questions and if you’d like walk you through the displays and artifacts we have on display.
3. (OPTIONAL) Community Walking Tour: a Tour Guide will take you around the neighbourhood, to some of the surviving sites which are pivotal to Chatham’s Black history, including the First Baptist Church, the BME Freedom Park, and more! The Guide will also point out points where buildings use to stand that you discovered inside the museum.

We are very flexible here at the site. A full tour will take anywhere from 60-90 minutes. However, you can pick and choose what you would like to do for the tour, depending on the amount of time you have. If you would like to skip the video and just focus on the walking tour and the museum, that’s fine! If you’d rather not do the walking tour, and want to stick to the video and perusing the site, it’s all good! If you don’t want to watch the video OR go on the walking tour, you can just look around the site on your own.

Whether you wish to take a full tour or not, our tour guides are more than willing to answer any questions and assist you with any needs you may have. Feel free to ask.

You can book a tour ahead of time by calling us at 519-352-3565, or by sending us an email at You can also come to the site to book a tour in person. If you’re interested in walking in and having a tour on the spot, we will try to accommodate, although booked tours will take first priority.

Bus/Large Group Tours

If you would like to book a bus tour or a large group tour, we ask that you do so at least four weeks in advance, so that we may accommodate you.

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