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Here at the museum, we take great pride in our abundant resources and reference materials that are available for research. We invite you to visit the Gwendolyn Robinson Research Centre here at the site.

Our historical documents, histories, photographs, and libraries are available to all researchers. They are sorted and filed into labelled binders and filing boxes for your convenience. Make sure to pop by the museum to see all these records in full. Research is always free if conducting yourself.

Photocopying Fees are as follows:
20 cents per Black & White
40 cents per Colour

If you would like someone at CKBHS to conduct your research for you the cost is $30 per hour of research.
–> Research Request Form <–
to download the form.

Thanks to our Summer Students we have a preliminary index of all the last names housed in our Family Tree & Family History. Just click on this to be brought to the page. Please note that some families will have more extensive information then others. It is not uncommon that some last names may only have a sheet or two, while others may take up a binder or more. 

For any Research/Inquiries regarding our Research Room please email:

Research Room


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